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1/13/2016 Member News

Shannon Carter graciously hosted the Northeast Tarrant Young Professionals networking mixer this past Wednesday night at Shannon Brewery in Keller, Texas.

The Group enjoying hearing about the brewing process!

The mood in the room was light, the beer was cold, and conversation flowed easily among all who attended. When thinking about Shannon Brewery, the first word that comes to mind is sustainability. Well, maybe the second word, the first word would have to be delicious.

The highlight of the evening for attendees was the brewery tour hosted by owner Shannon Carter. While on the tour, Shannon explained from start to finish just how their beer goes from grain to glass. The most interesting part of the process though, isn’t the hops, or even the finished product. The secret is in the water! Shannon Brewery is built on top of and sources water directly from Samantha Springs. With their water sourced directly from the spring they are very conscious of their environmental impact and strive to maintain the highest levels of sustainability. In fact, Shannon Brewery only produces 1.5 gallons of waste water for every 1 gallon of beer brewed, well below the industry average of 4 gallons of waste water per 1 gallon brewed.

Shannon Carter explaining Shannon's sustainability practices.

Their sustainability practices don’t stop there though. Shannon Brewery also donates its waste grains to local farmers to use for feed and is vigilant in recycling all cardboard and paper waste. Attendees of the mixer learned all about the many steps it takes to turn grains into the beer in our glasses. Following the tour, everyone got the chance to refill their glasses and relax with conversation in the tap room. The energy in the room was high as old friends laughed together and new ones were made. Nobody stayed strangers for long Wednesday night as veteran members welcomed and quickly embraced the new faces they saw.

Dale White, Bob Dubeansky and Jack Bradshaw relaxing post-tour.

All in all, attendees agreed that our evening spent at Shannon Brewery was an unparalleled success!

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